Haleakala Ranch

The Haleakala Ranch at 9975 Tyler Road presents a unique investment potential in a fully operational, value-enhancing walnut processing facility and orchard, spanning two adjacent parcels and 516 acres. This estate is a complete system for walnut production, handling everything from cultivation to processing. The orchard houses 453 acres of walnut trees of various ages and varieties, irrigated by six agricultural wells, two of which are roughly 400 feet deep, and the others about 250 feet deep, collectively providing an average of 2,000 gpm to nourish all planted areas. The processing facility utilizes a separate, smaller domestic well, and irrigation includes a combination of solid set sprinklers, micro-sprinklers, and drip lines. As part of the Sacramento River watershed, 9975 Tyler Road benefits from clean well water that effectively services the crop and facility.